About Us

We specialize in ponderosa pine products from the Bull Mountains of Montana. Selling both directly to individuals and wholesalers, we have pine cones and bark that are ideal for decorating, crafts, animals and more! From time to time, we will be featuring the many uses for pine cones and chips in our free craft idea sections.


Pine Cones-All of our pine cones are handpicked for quality assurance. They are cleaned of all pine needles, grass, other debris.  You are getting a beautiful natural product.  We have fresh pine cones and cones that have been on the ground for a few months and have turned a gray color. These cones would be just right for your projects that call for painting of the pine cones and are also great fire starters. All pine cones come in lots of 25, 50 and 100. Contact us on special orders. 

Our Ponderosa pine cones come in three sizes:

Miniature Cones - Evergreen shrubs in our area produce beautiful miniature cones that would be ideal for all of your miniature crafts such as miniature wreaths, ornaments and potpourri. They are in limited supply and are sold in lots of 100.

Cedar and Pine Chips - We have cedar chips that we chip ourselves from dead cedar trees. These chips have a very pleasant aroma and are used to keep moths away from your clothes in your closets and in your clothes drawers. 

To all hunters out there, we also have cedar and pine chips in 1 lb. bags for your hunting clothes. These chips can be put into your scent bags to keep your camouflage clothing smelling as natural as a cedar tree. These bags can also be hung in your hunting blind to help mask your scent.

The Bull Mountains of Montana

Pine Cones Plus operates in the beautiful Bull Mountain range of Montana. Nestled between Billings and Roundup Montana, the “Bulls” are home to several working ranches as well as an abundance of wildlife.

On any given day collecting pine cones - elk, deer, turkeys, pheasants and others are most likely nearby watching the harvest process.

Ponderosa pine forests cover the peaceful range alongside wide open meadows, rambling creeks and the Musselshell river. An abundance of sunshine and a dramatic setting below sheer sandstone cliffs known as rimrocks dot the landscape. Formed millions of years ago when the range was being shaped with layers of sand, silt and clay from the reseeding the oceans, the areas where rimrocks and forests meet make a beautiful backdrop for our work.